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  • Udite a European professional voice on global issues for our communities.

  • Udite a european partnership to deliver local solutions for our communities

  • Udite a European gateway to sharing best practice

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The European Federation Local Authority Chief Executive Officers is a European umbrella body that brings together 14 European professional associations for local authority chief executives and clerks in Belgium, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Czech Republic, France, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Luxembourg, Malta, Portugal, Romania, and Spain.

The aim of the association is to promote relations between the professional associations of Chief Executives and Municipal Clerks representing European local authorities, to develop exchanges of information, to share professional experiences, contribute to the enhancement of the role and functions of local authorities and to contribute to democracy and the European Union.

The Presidency of UDITE is currently held by Mr Ronny Frederickx on behalf of the Flemish Association of Municipal Clerks for two years until December 2016.


Ronny Frederickx
President UDiTE



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Europe News


Newsletter Summer 2013

Udite in Brusells   Over 60 per cent of European Union legislation often ends up being implemented locally by local and regional authorities. It is for this reason that UDITE's local and municipal government chief executives need to keep track of the implications of new and amended proposals that are bein...

Udite to host high level workshop at Open Days - 7th TO 10th October 2013

Newsletter Summer 2013

  UDITE is currently working with VEOLIA ENVIRONNMENT on the preparation of a workshop that will take place in the OPEN DAYS 2013 that are due to be hosted in the Committee of the Regions between 7th & 10th October 2013. The UDITE / VEOLIA ENVIRONMMENT workshop "PPPs: optimising partnerships to face envi...

Overhaul of public procurement rules reaching conclusion during irish presidency

Newsletter Summer 2013

The Irish Presidency of the EU Council of Ministers is committed to securing a deal with the European Parliament before the end of June. The European Commission proposed the new directive in December 2011 to replace the existing rules for the coordination of contracting procedures for public goods, supplies...

European commission recognises the role of local authorities in development policy

Newsletter Summer 2013

PLATFORMA, the network of local authorities for development has welcomed the European Commission's recent communication recognising the potential of local authorities in devloping countries to addressing the complexities of sustainable development and fighting poverty. Public and private actors have their rol...

Committe of the regions launches new webside on the division of competences in local and regional governmet

Newsletter Summer 2013

  The Committee of the Regions has recently launched a new website for the division of powers in local and regional Government. The Committee of the Regions has invited UDITE members to follow the site in the next few months as it develops.   READ MORE    

Maximising the impact of regional and local public expenditure and the EU budget 2014-2020

Newsletter Summer 2013

In Europe, 65% of public capital investment originates from local and regional authorities. The crisis of the last 5 years has strongly affected the investment capacity of Europe's cities and regions. Fiscal consolidation impacts all levels of governance, whilst there is a need to step up the delivery of th...

  • Over 60 per cent of European Union legislation often ends up being implemented locally by local and regional authorities. It
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  • DateTitleVenue Friday 29 October 2010 UDiTE Executive Committee Strasbourg Friday 29 October 2010 UDiTE Governing Council AGM Strasbourg Friday 29
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  • Presentacion of the initiative "Sharing Knowledge" EULALIO ÁVILA CANOUdite President Local authorities from around the world pay special attention to
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