Christophe Verger


Last updated: 14 Jun 2024
Christophe Verger, vice-president in charge of international relations, passed away "suddenly" whilst on mission for the French federation last week in Quebec City. Hélène Guillet, President of SNDGCT said "This is a tragedy for our federation. Christophe was a remarkable individual who worked with humility and had a passion for sharing. The sharing of values, the sharing of knowledge, sharing beyond his native Limousin and indeed France," As a colleague, he was fully committed to the promotion of our Federation and what it stands for throughout the world helping all us discover what the job of local authority general management is like for communities throughout Africa, across the Atlantic, or in the far east. Christophe Verger, CEO of the Community of Municipalities of the Val de Vienne since 2021, was vice-president of the SNDGCT since October 2018, president of the board of directors of Ipag (University of Limoges) since September 2012, general delegate France of the Léopold Sédar Senghor Foundation.


He was for almost 25 years (1996-2020) DGS of the city of Panazol (Haute-Vienne). And before that, he had held the positions of director of a public private partnership in Muret (1991-1996) and DGS of the City of Ambazac (1984-1996).

"It is with horror that I learned yesterday afternoon of Christophe's death. Our Walloon colleagues, who were present on the ground in Quebec City, called me to tell me this terrible news. I am thinking of those present on the ground for whom the situation is very sad and complicated.

"I offer my sincere condolences to the family as well as to the members of the union, several of whom were very close to Christophe. I must say that his death particularly touched me given the number of years during which I was in very regular contact with Christophe. All these years during which I have been able to measure his investment, his professionalism and his sincere friendship with the representatives of the foreign delegations, particularly Belgian and African. I think of you very much and I thank the union for giving us the opportunity to meet a person of such human quality."

"Words fail me in the face of this immense loss. Christophe was an incredible person who had the gift of shining in simplicity. His kindness, his investment and his strong involvement in our union will remain engraved forever. He left his mark on international relations. We have lost a great man.My words will not be able to compensate for the terrible evils that his wife and family are experiencing. Sincere and heartfelt condolences."

"On my behalf and on behalf of my Breton colleagues, we join in the sorrow of Christophe's family and loved ones."

"I heard the terrible news yesterday. Christophe Verger was the Chairman of the Board of Directors of IPAG Limoges for more than 10 years. IPAG therefore mourns a President who was very invested in the success of students and extremely active in the opening of our institute to the international market."

"It's indeed appalling. All our support to his family and collaborators. We know, Hélène, that you are accompanying this situation with all your capacity for empathy and thoughtfulness. All our support to you too for this delicate and psychologically difficult mission."

"I remain shocked by this sad news. I have lost a companion on the road, who honored me with his confidence and friendship. Our union has lost one of its great servants. Thank you in advance for the upcoming information about the funeral and the initiatives that will be taken to pay tribute to Christophe's memory and accompany his family in this painful ordeal."

"This sudden news of the death of our brother, colleague and partner Christophe VERGER literally brought us down. On behalf of all the members of the Association of Municipal and General Secretaries of Senegal, we offer our most saddened condolences to all the members of the SNDGCT whom he served so much, to the partners of the AMS, to the SENGHOR Foundation and to his family. As Idrissa said, we are so upset that we can't find the words."

"We are all devastated by this sad news and we give all our support for the steps you are taking for the bereaved family. The Alsace Region offers its sincere condolences to Christophe's wife and children."

"What a tragedy... Just to convey all our condolences to the family and loved ones on behalf of the Haute-Garonne and Tarn et Garonne section. Very insignificant compared to the pain that must pierce them, but it is so that you can make a sounding board for the solidarity of the DGs, of course, but beyond our profession, of the men and women that we are... Vulnerable. I know that your humanity and kindness will accompany them as best as possible for this long crossing that awaits them."

"I am particularly shocked and saddened by this awful disappearance, I had formed beautiful relations, like many without a doubt, with Christophe, during the reception of our Senegalese friends. I am thinking of all of you who will accompany his family in the coming days."

"What a tragedy! as the sudden death of our friend and colleague, Christophe. I am thinking of him, and his wife as well as his children and loved ones. On behalf of the section of 77, we share your sadness, which is also ours, to lose Christophe so suddenly. Tell me, if you want us to mobilize on specific points, and to help. Very sincerely."

A tribute will be paid to Christophe Verger at the national conference, which will be held from 13th to 5th June in Poitiers, and at the Terrorialis conference in Tours on 3rd and 4th October.