UDITE working with Council of Europe to apply the 12 Principles of Good Governance and European Label of Governance Excellence (ELoGE)

In 2015, we worked closely with the Council of Europe Centre for Excellence to launch the 12 Principles of Good Governance and European Label of Governance Excellence (ELoGE).  ELoGE is a self assessment process for municipalities and local authorities to assess their respective approaches issues such as ethical conduct, rule of law, efficiency and effectiveness, transparency, sound financial management and accountability. 

As a trusted partner of the CoE Centre for Excellence, UDITE issued its first call to members in 2015 where the following local authorities joined the scheme including Watermael-Boitsfort (Belgium), Fleury-les-Aubrais and Metz (France),  Cork and Limerick (Ireland), Naxxar and Qormi (Malta), Pombal, Agueda, Valongo, Sintra and Ponte da Barca (Portugal) and Madrid, Barcelona and Parets del Valles (Spain).

The European Label of Governance’ Excellence (ELoGE) is awarded to local authorities having achieved a high overall level of good governance measured against the relevant benchmark.  ELoGE is symbolised by a crystal dodecahedron engraved with the 12 Principles. The Label is awarded by a national or regional Stakeholders’ Platform to local authorities which demonstrate respect of the 12 Principles. This Platform needs to be accredited by the Stakeholders’ Platform of the Council of Europe.

Local authorities who wish to apply for the Label are evaluated according to the following tools: a benchmark, a survey of citizens, and a survey of local elected representatives.

The evaluation allows local authorities to understand their strengths and their weaknesses when providing public services to the local community and exercising public authority. To improve the quality of local governance, local authorities can use various tools developed by the Centre of Expertise and take inspiration from their colleagues’ best practices.  Watch the following video to learn more about the award.

To read more about all of the principles, visit the Council of Europe website.

Principle 1

Principle 1 - Fair Conduct of Elections, Representation and Participation

Principle 2

Principle 2 - Responsiveness

Principle 3

Principle 3 - Efficiency and Effectiveness

Principle 4

Principle 4 - Openness and Transparency

Principle 5

Principle 5 - Rule of Law

Principle 6

Principle 6 - Ethical conduct

Principle 7

Principle 7 - Competence and Capacity

Principle 8

Principle 8 - Innovation and Openness to Change

Principle 9

Principle 9 - Sustainability and Long-term Orientation

Principle 10

Principle 10 - Sound Financial Management

Principle 11

Principle 11 - Human rights, Cultural Diversity and Social Cohesion

Principle 12

Principle 12 - Accountability