Last updated: 15 Apr 2020
UDITE members have agreed to conduct a new comparative study that focus on issue of management increasing management workloads being faced by local government professionals

At its last meeting, the UDITE Executive Committee decided to organise a new study at European level in 2020/21. In view of the fact that senior officials are coming under increasing pressure from increasing workloads members are interested in how this is being managed across Europe. In an initial desk based  phase, the diversity of causes of workload will be looked at through a literature review in order to better understand what this means for Chief Executives. This will be followed by a survey, to examine the situation in the different countries and investigate what the causes may be, specifically within the local authorities. Initial contacts with European networks of universities are currently being to assist with this new study.

This new study builds upon a previous initiative taken by UDITE  Statutes, competences and responsibilities of territorial leaders in Europe"
led by Territorialis, UDITe and SNDGCT.   Its focus was to assess the place of CEOs and senior managers in the local administration. As an in-depth comparative analysis between local government in European countries it took stock on the present situation in seventeen European countries from Northern Europe to Southern and Eastern Europe.  Studies like these are vital to enrich the knowledge of local government professionals, academics and students who look to comparisons on the European and international level to drive change in local government management approaches and workable reforms.

Category: Local Administration and Management