Founded by UDITE, the Public Risk Management Organisation (PRIMO) is focused on advancing the knowledge around the topic of risk management within the local governmental sector on a European level.  It does this by providing a comprehensive web library of risk management information, publishing newsletters and through training and conferences.  PRIMO’s long-term aim is to establish risk management as a natural and integral part of good public governance. It comprises a pan-European umbrella organization of independent PRIMO national chapters and other organizations within the public sector 16 European countries, covering 16.000 managers.

PRIMO Europe VZW-AISBL” is constituted under Belgian Law on 6th of December 2007 in Brussels in compliance with Title III of the Belgian Law of 27th June 1921 (as amended by the Law of 2nd of May, 2002) as an international non-profit association.

PRIMO has founded several national chapters: PRIMO Cyprus, PRIMO Denmark, PRIMO France, PRIMO Malta, PRIMO Netherlands, PRIMO Sweden and PRIMO Flanders. PRIMO Europe strives for the maximum of synergy between its national sections and cooperate closely with other risk management organisations throughout Europe.

PRIMO works closely with specialists from private companies, risk organisations and universities working with the public sector.

Its key objectives include:-

  • Seeking  to enhance the knowledge and use of risk management within the local and regional public sector, as well as the public sector across  Europe:
    Support the day-to-day and long term work of public sector managers in their daily decision making on risk management issues.
  • Disseminate knowledge of modern risk management practices to European public sector managers.
  • Establish risk management as a natural and integral part of long term strategy and approaches to good public governance.
  • Linking theoretical and scientific knowledge with the experience and day-to-day life of the managers in the public domain and with the management tools within the public sector.
  • Building up intellectual and social capital in order to position itself as a referential body on a European & international-wide level for risk management  vis-a-vis the EU and other international organisations.