Last updated: 26 Jul 2022
The partnership signed in the spring of 2022 with the Mutuelle Nationale Territoriale (MNT) in France marks a concrete start to a new study that will be worked up between now and the end of 2024 on various topics related to occupational health in the workplace for the public sector.


Management of working conditions, sick leave, health prevention, post COVID-19 teleworking will all feature as part of the study. A scientific committee is being set up within the MNT, which is a major operator of health prevention and occupational health insurance in France, with a view to defining by the end of summer 2022 the exact scope of this new study. The work will be coordinated by a project steering committee, which will also bring together chief executives from UDiTE with university researchers and the NGO Europa. More complete information will be provided to all UDiTE members to clarify the role of this steering committee its future work. A platform-type tool will be set up to manage the project during the summer. This application is being made available by SNDGCT and will enable shared work on documents, data storage and integrated video.