Last updated: 26 Jul 2022
This year, UDiTE chose to highlight a particular aspect of local action in Europe that is vital to the Green Deal and the ecological transition: a functioning territorial ecosystem . Under the expert moderation of Tamsin Rose, a professional moderator in Brussels, Stéphane Pintre, UDiTE President addressed the audiences via video link.


Speakers were then invited to give their perspectives on building effective local ecosystems and in particular on ways to inspire the stakeholders (including companies, associations, citizens, etc.) that are essential to strategic projects.  Our keynote speaker was, Stéphane Perrin, the Vice-President of the Brittany Region, who underlined the importance of participatory democracy at the regional level through the example of "Breizh Cop" an initiative that has enabled stakeholders in Brittany to participate in creating a vision for the future the region and integrate the green transition into the region's political project. However, in a message directed towards the EU institutions, Stéphane underlined how this also depends on the ability to be consistent between the long-term vision and the detailed eligibility criteria for the EU Structural and Investment Funds 2021-27 on issues such as green hydrogen buses, which are currently excluded from this financing and without which it is difficult to imagine that local and regional authorities will be able to reduce carbon emissions. The second speaker, Tu Doan-Quynh Bui from the association Renaissance Ecologique, perfectly illustrated how a picture speaks 1000 words through frescos that help citizens visualise their participation in their community's  journey towards the green transition. Louis Duffy, Director of the Environment at Cork County Council, went on to show how their shared services agenda in Ireland had led to the creation of agencies dedicated to European projects focusing on different actions in each of the 4 new regions that covers the 31 Irish local authorities in the call to action for 2030 and 2050. Xavier Boivert from UDiTE sought to define what the territorial ecosystem looks like from the local authority perspective by underlining the role played by our Chief Executives in bringing together the different actors within the community to drive actions related to ecological transition. Guillaume Meynet , from Veolia, focused on a particular pioneering system for transforming wastewater into fresh water, in a project that could become key to a growing number of regions affected by drought in France and beyond. Finally, Mario Grubišić , from the ENVE Commission Secretariat of the EU Committee of the Regions, spoke about the Committee's latest initiative, "Green Deal, Going Local", which includes a call for local authorities to commit to planting 3 billion trees by 2030, showcase innovative climate actions and commitments, and gather insights into how the Green Deal is perceived in the regions. You can consult all the presentations and the video stream from the workshop on the UDiTE website -