SIENA 2023

Last updated: 26 Jul 2022
During the last executive committee, an update was given on the ongoing launch of the comparative study on local government occupational health systems in Europe, in partnership with the MNT and on the project to update the study on the role and competencies of DGs in Europe.


However, it was also recalled that the first congress where a comparative study was launched took place in Siena in 1998, 25 years ago next year. To mark this anniversary, an event was discussed that could take stock of these past, present and future studies. This initiative represents an important step as we review what has gone before and how we enter the next cycle with a more structured and piloted approach over the next few years. The event will ask some key questions about the studies that have been carried out, about their impact and on which target audiences? How widely read have our studies been amongst UDiTE members and how can we make the future approach to comparative work more more dynamic and useful to local authority chief executives and others? Are all of our partners aware of our past studies? Do we have access to other studies that have been piloted by local government interests already in Europe or beyond? What themes will be priorities in the future and who should lead on them? Is our approach and methodology to these studies the right one for us to deliver them effectively and in a way that is comparable?  There are so many questions that arise for the outset and merit a clear answer before we launch this type of project. Finally, what about the link with ELOGE? Can this be included as a subject of the comparative study itself and take some inspiration from the symbolism of Lorenzetti's fresco that inspired us all those years ago in Siena in 1998 at the beginning of our journey.