Last updated: 11 Mar 2022
On Friday 25th February, the UDiTE Executive Committee held its first meeting in 2022. Let's hope that this will be the last virtual meeting and that we can all meet in person next time.

After all, it is through personal contact that we can exchange ideas, create new initiatives and inspire each other on topics such as management and leadership. At this first meeting, the 2022-2024 action plan was approved. The main lines of action for the coming years were broken down into five areas. First of all, it is a question of making the internal organisation of the association more sustainable. This will be done by updating the statutes, strengthening the organisation and the link with our consultants, setting up working groups, improving communication, eliminating the language barrier and increasing financial capacity. A second major priority is to increase the institutional visibility of UDiTE, building on partnerships with European institutions (CoR, CoE) and other institutions at European level. The third priority aims to strengthen the financial basis of UDiTE in order to give ourselves the means to achieve our ambitions, through new partnerships and the search for financing from European funding. The fourth priority aims to develop activities at the initiative of UDiTE such as comparative studies, the exchange of best practices and participation in major events, etc. Finally, UDiTE still needs to expand its network to make it more interesting and powerful: on the one hand by increasing its membership, but also by establishing or formalising links with other organisations such as PRIMO, IIMC/ICMA, Eurocities, and others. As you can see, the ambition for the next 3 years is very high. It is a multi-annual programme that will be followed by continuous monitoring and can only be achieved with the commitment of the member associations. We therefore call on all of you to share your ideas for the implementation of the action plan with us! As a first step the President's team will be setting up 1-2-1's with each of your associations to gather your feedback to these new priorities.