Last updated: 14 Mar 2022
UNSCP was set up over 70 years ago, has over 800 members throughout Italy and is the most representative trade union for municipal and provincial secretaries, the top administrative actor in local authorities.

UNSCP was set up over 70 years ago and has over 800 members throughout Italy making it the most representative trade union for municipal and provincial secretaries, representing the most senior administrative managers in local government.  Its membership is drawn from current secretaries, career entrants preparing examinations or access courses, retired executives and, in special cases, other directors and heads of service from local government. The association seeks to represent and defend the interests of the profession. UNSCP meets in periodic meetings of its national bodies (National Secretariat, National Management and National Council), through regional and provincial level sections throughout Italy and organises training and discussion groups on the issues affecting the profession.  The meeting of the National Congress, which is held every three years, is the moment when UNSCP focuses on key issues for the sector of the day. Members interests are defended in various ways, through meetings with politicians, parliamentary hearings, relations with other unions and associations representing Italian municipalities and provinces, conferences and trade union reports, support for members' legal challenges, and through national and decentralised bargaining.  The main challenges facing the sector are the reform of the Italian Government’s consolidated text on local authorities, the principle law in Italy governing the activities of Italian municipalities and provinces, and the renewal of the national collective agreement for local authority executives. UNSCP is seeking to resolve a number of the issues that were left open from the last national contract negotiation round.  UNSCP strongly believes that UDiTE is a key organisation that can connect UNSCP with similar organisations representing the profession in other countries.  UNSCP recognises the increasingly important impact of the European Union dimension on national reforms relating to employment legislation and increasingly the impact that EU legislation places on local government that senior managers oversee. It is therefore important to be part of a network organisation that relates our sector to the European Union Institutions and promotes the exchange of best practices on key topics of mutual interest.

Pictures: Roberto Nobile, President of the National Council.
National Congress Meeting - Rome - Nov 2017 - Mr. Nobile at the right hand side.