EWRC 2022


Last updated: 11 Mar 2022
The 20th European Week of Regions and Cities will take place from 10 to 13 October 2022.

Organisers aim to run the event in a hybrid format.  2022 will mark the 20th anniversary of the European Week of Regions and Cities (2003-2020). It will be the occasion to have a look back on the important achievements of the cohesion policy over the past two decades, showcasing its impact on the quality of citizens' lives and the social and economic convergence across European regions, thanks to their capacity to cooperate across borders. At the same time, thisspecial edition will reflect on how, in a nearly post-pandemic EU, cohesion policy plays a crucial role in Europe’s sustainable recovery. The 2022 event will provide an opportunity to partners and participants to learn more about the European response to post pandemic health, social and economic challenges. It will focus on the new cohesion policy, the EU programmes for 2021-2027, as well as EU's financial instruments for tackling the COVID-19 crisis and how they can make a difference in boosting health and social recovery but also green and digital transition for all citizens in every corner of Europe. The capacity of EU, national, regional and local governments to support European citizens and their local communities with practical measures and public policies aimed at investing in a fairer, greener and more digital future fully empowering the youth, will be at core of the event, with the goal to support an effective communication on good practises and experiences across Europe.
#EURegionsWeek 2022 will be centered on the following four thematic topics:

  • Green transition
  • Territorial Cohesion
  • Digital transition
  • Youth empowerment

Partners are invited to shape their events taking into account the following questions:

  • Green transition: how EU's regions and cities are driving a green transition for people addressing both short and long- term green transition challenges and leaving nobody behind? What are the actionsto increase sustainability using the new generation EU programmes? How does the green revolution happen on the ground, ensuring its inclusiveness and fairness? How the gender dimension is addressed in green transition by the EU’s regions and cities? How they are raising awareness on the ground of the necessity of the transition process? How the EU’s regions and cities tackle the demographical challenges of the green transition? What is the vision for the next 10 years? How the stakeholders are consulted on the issues related to the green transition process? · Territorial cohesion: How do we assess the achievements and challenges of EU cohesion programmes and their contribution to reducing territorial and social disparities? What is the role of cohesion policy today for strengthening the EU values and what are the synergies with other investment tools to tackle the pandemic effects and contribute to a long-term economic and social recovery in Europe? What is the impact of the work of regions, cities and other territories for the post-pandemic recovery and how will they use the new generation of Cohesion policy funds?
  • Digital transition: how can the new generation of EU programmes and financial tools contribute to 2030 digital targets, facilitate our economy’s and society’s digital transition? How can regions and cities delivere a successful digital transition by addressing the specific targets around four cardinal points of this transition, by addressing (a) digital skils; (b) digital infrastructures; digitalisation of (c) businesses and (d) public services? What is the role of regions and cities in addressing the digital challenges
  • Youth empowerment: how can we mobilise young generations for re-launching local economies and reflect on the future of Europe and its institutional and policy framework? What are the lessons learned from the Conference on the future of Europe? How can EU, national and regional institutions address young people's needs?

The deadline for submission of applications is 31st March 2022. UDiTE is currently seeking to join an event consortia to apply.