Last updated: 09 Feb 2021
UDITE kicked off 2021 with its first virtual meeting of the year - the Executive Committee on 28th January online.


Members met and discussed its work and upcoming priorities on 28 January.  The delegates of the National Associations reviewed the status of various initiatives and how 2021 can be planned further around the constraints COVID-19 places upon us all.  The pandemic, has had an impact on UDITE business and several dossiers have had to be delayed as it is particularly difficult to organise live meetings.  Nevertheless, members provided input and suggestions to helping to manage the associations workload and the President Paul Gatt encourage everyone to reach out in their efforts to find solutions locally. UDITE’s partnership with VEOLIA was confirmed for 2021 as was the continued and valuable support of Ronny Frederickx and Simon Pascoe in advancing the day to day affairs of the association from new projects, engagement in flagship events in Brussels, working with the Council of Europe and working with new associations across Europe. 




Category: International