Last updated: 14 Jun 2024
At the conference in Siena, an strategic partnership agreement was signed by President St├ęphane Pintre on behalf of UDITE and the Strategic Risk Leadership Association (SRLA) represented by President Magda Stepanyan.

The Strategic Risk Leadership Association (SRLA) is the successor to Primo Europe. It was UDITE that took the decision in 2005 in Strasbourg to launch a separate organisation focused on public risk management. In 2007, PRIMO was launched launched and delivered excellent work in several European countries. Building upon these foundations, it was time to give a new orientation and move from public risk management to strategic risk leadership. A much broader approach that nevertheless continues to focus on good governance. On the 19th April 2024 in Siena, UDiTE's President, Stephane Pintre and SRLA's President, Magda Stepanyan signed a  new Strategic Partnership 2024- 2026 agreeing to work towards building good public administration governance and resilience across Europe and beyond.


The specific objectives of this partnership include:

(i) to foster greater understanding and exchange of knowledge, ideas and expertise on local government risk management and strategic risk leadership for Local Government Chief Executives; and

(ii) to shape and implement joint activities that can benefit from the comparative advantages of both Strategic Partners.

More information on : https://www.udite.eu/srla