Last updated: 25 Apr 2020
Solidarity, proximity, exchanges, conviviality, collective strength… so many words that members use to describe the SNDGCT national congress. The event was a key opportunity to stay informed of news affecting local communities, the profession, and the 2020 actions to be implemented by the Syndicate. Against the backdrop of a new public service bill in France, the timing of congress with the upcoming 2020 municipal elections.


The Syndicat National des Dirigeants Généraux des Collectivités Territoriales, held its 79th national congress and its 'Assises professionnelles TERRITORIALIS' from the 7th to 9th November 2019 in Arras in the Haute de France region.

The congress attracted DGS, DGAS (CEOs and Senior auditors from local authorities across France and overseas territories), territorial executives, academics, experts from the private sector to discuss a number of key professional themes of the territorial public service.

Stephane PINTRE, the SNDGCT President highlighted the federations real commitment to innovate and look to the future. As a network of professionals the federation provides essential solidarity, is visible and listened to by national and European government. Through its strength of network, the federation is available to its members, the profession and the local public service.  The congress was a vital opportunity for members  to be updated on the work of the federation  since the new President and vice-presidents took office a year ago. Themes debated included:-

  • Changes in public action: digital and environmental transitions,
  • Knowledge partnerships,
  • Territorial organization,
  • Performances and public finances,
  • General function and management,
  • Mediation and litigation,
  • European and international relations,
  • Union life and communication,
  • National events

During the congress, an agreement was concluded with the Brussels Federation of Municipal Secretaries for further cooperation.
Pictured are Stéphane Pintre, President of SNDGCT and Philippe Rossignol, President of the Brussels Federation. 

Category: Local Administration and Management