Join us for our Joint UDITE - VEOLIA Green Week 2021 partner event " The ecological transformation: global challenges and local solutions”


At Green Week 2021 on 3rd June this year, UDITE and VEOLIA cohosted a high profile #EUGreenWeek2021 partner event online that involved a roundtable discussion between speakers from Veolia, local government Chief Executives , the Mayor of Torremejía, and involve representatives from the European Parliament and the European Commission. In line with the Zero Pollution theme, our event focused on VEOLIA's new strategic plan: IMPACT 2023. in which Veolia is aiming to become the world leader in ecological transformation. This discussion included a short case study video from the VEOLIA TorrePET that produces recycled plastic pellets, and impacts the environment and people of Bajadoz in the Region of Extremadura in Spain. The event was moderated by  Frederic Simon, Energy and Environmental journalist from EURACTIV Brussels

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Implementing EU environment legislation locally

#EUGreenWeek 2019, the final initiative of Maltese European environment Commissioner Karmenu Vella took place in Brussels at the Bluepoint Conference Center, 80 Boulevard A. Reyers.

The environmental laws of the EU have a huge impact on citizen’s life. They improve water and air quality, they protect nature and they encourage recycling and waste management. But to really make an appreciable difference, these EU laws must be implemented in full. The European Commission published recently a set of reports on the state of the implementation of the environmental laws: ‘The 2nd Environmental Implementation Review’.

EU Green Week weighed up the findings of this Review, asking questions such as: what benefits do EU laws brings to citizens ? What does successful implementation look like ? How can stakeholders take ownership of these laws and most importantly, how can EU facilitate this process, making sure that the voices of citizens are heard.

UDITE and business partner VEOLIA were represented on a stand at the event. UDITE & Veolia have been working together for eight years with the objective of facilitating new knowledge for city managers and local government CEOs – as key enablers our CEOs play a vital role in driving the local authority strategy that underpins its statutory role in implementing environmental targets that are passed down from Government in the context of EU legislation. Critically, local government plays a vital role in the advice, inspection, complaint management and rectification measures related to Environmental legislation on the ground with regional and national agencies.

Knowledge sharing , capacity building and peer learning were underlined the European Commission 2017 Environment Implementation Review and are key drivers of improved strategy, decision making and delivery. 

Our members play a vital role in integrating effective strategies for resilience and compliance with regulatory standards.  that contribute to the economic, social and environmental wellbeing European cities.  The UDITE federation regroups Chief Executives from Local Authorities from 15 member states of the European Union and we have worked on smart procurement, public private partnerships, long term investment planning, and innovative approaches to citizen engagement in the field of predictive policy making. Our members are active in partnerships with private sector companies like Veolia to deliver new approaches, learn about experiences elsewhere, create new links across cities and vitally secure financing for long term green investments in our cities sustainable infrastructures and mobility solutions from public and private sectors (i.e. EFSI, EIB etc). Veolia is also key player in the R100 cities network globally.

Working with Veolia at Green Week 2019, our stand  RESOURCING ENVIRONMENTAL STANDARDS IN OUR COMMUNITIES  was a meeting point for Green Week visitors where they met our city managers championing a series of 4 case studies that their authorities have engaged in, in the fields of AIR POLICY, WASTE, WATER and NATURE & HABITAT CONSERVATION.

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